Why your Business NEEDS a Website?

Like many small business owners, you may believe your business cannot benefit from having a website or that a website is not within your budget.  These are misconceptions.

Here are several reasons why your Business needs a website and why CyFocus will fits your online needs of your business or your website(s)

  1. Your Business is Open to the World 24/7, 365 Days a Year Globally!
  2. Adds credibility to your business with CyFocus web design, logo design, sitebuilder tools
  3. Reach New Markets with a Global Audience
  4. Promote your business 24/7 with CyFocus website, SEO, eBlasts, and other Business Promotional Tools.
  5. Saves you Time and Money through the use of CyFocus online Communication tools
  6. Improve Customer Service to new and existing customers
  7. Gain credibility through professional image
  8. Sell existing products and promote new ones
  9. Promote your Services
  10. Gather important information to help make better decision using CyFocus statistic and reporting tools
  11. Lower the cost of running the business such as the use of CyFocus fax-thru emails, Online File Folders and more…
  12. Great recruiting Tool using CyFocus forms, CMS, and other web apps.
  13. Heighten public Interest through CyFocus Online Marketing Tools and Resources
  14. Instant modification and updates through CyFocus control panel
  15. Your customers can get their questions answered 24 hours a day and set appointments with you online
  16. It provides instant credibility. Most people know the expense and time involved with creating a site.
  17. You will have a second store, a virtual storefront, where you can display, describe and sell your goods and services 24/7 at CyFocus Ecommerce service
  18. There’s no cost associated for a typical building. Examples of these costs include: rent, utilities, insurance or employees that all work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  19. Display your entire inventory without the added cost of having to keep it in stock.
  20. You can bulk e-mail to your existing customer base without printing and postage costs.
  21. You can update documents and manuals online, in one location, and have them available worldwide without additional costs.
  22. You don’t need to be a huge corporation to reach a large audience or pay thousands of dollars in advertising to be seen.
  23. You are able to target the market of your choice with your built-in Advertising tools
  24. You can display previous work you have done on your Web site, basically making your Web site a online portfolio.
  25. You can display special packages, hot deals, and specials
  26. You can have your customers pay for your product or service online without mailing in a payment
  27. You can have offer preferred client coupons, discounts only available through your website
  28. You will capture the impulse buyer, which is something TV, radio and newspapers can give you.
  29. You may eliminate the need forever having to advertise the old-fashioned way again.
  30. You will experience no more weekly or monthly expense, with little or no return investment.
  31. You can set pages aside on your site for customer testimonials to build interest and credibility in your business
  32. It’s like having a 24-hour salesman; you only have to pay once a month for double the work
  33. You can stay ahead of competition by being pro-active in moving forward along with your customers changing needs. They want convenience, you give them what they need and you will keep them as customers.
  34. Removes geographical limitations that would ordinarily prohibit doing business (global market)
  35. It optimizes existing advertising – adding “.com” name to all print advertising, radio, company vehicles or store windows for instance. Turn a two-inch Yellow page ad into a seven-plus-page beautiful, interactive Web site that will gives the Web site owner ad edge over his or her competition.
  36. Real time credit card processing – the retail customer has committed to purchase before the merchandise has to be shipped.
  37. Order tracking and inventory control through CyFocus eCommerce
  38. Enable businesses to maintain existing customer base
  39. Open a new market using search engines and CyFocus SEO services.
  40. Provide answers to frequently asked questions.
  41. Capability of interacting with prospective customers
  42. Ability to track current marketing and advertising efforts through CyFocus Statistic tools
  43. It levels the playing field – Unlike “brick and mortar” business location (a traditional building that houses a business in a fixed location), the online business can compete with a larger, better-established company. The perception of the business is the real key.
  44. Multiple e-mail addresses through CyFocus Email Solutions
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