How to Design Your Perfect Home Workspace

How to Design Your Perfect Home Workspace

Creating the perfect home workspace is about a lot more than just a desk. While staying organized is important for reducing stress, there are tons of other ways to improve your home office to make it a place you look forward to spending your days. Keep productivity and morale high with a space designed for you. Regardless of your office habits, these tips and solutions to home workspaces will keep you moving forward and productive.  

Make It Fun 

Many people love working from home because they can customize their office to be exactly what works best for them. From adding a standing or walking desk to incorporating multiple different places to work for those who like to move around, a home office can be designed and built to suit your specific needs and personality. More creative types may enjoy a window to daydream out of while others may want more privacy to avoid distraction. Those who are visual workers can use more wall space to keep important documents and files in plain sight, whereas others may want to paint the walls a color that inspires happiness or productivity.  

Don’t forget to consider adding more light to the room if there is not enough natural light. This will prevent you from straining your eyes or help keep you from getting headaches. Carefully place plenty of light fixtures so there is enough light throughout the room rather than a small concentration from one area. Using metallic decor and even hanging mirrors will help reflect the existing light too in order to brighten the room. 

Get Organized 

One way to get organized is to create designated spaces and categories within your home office. For example, create a printing area, a file area or even a place to keep outbound mail. Using color-coded files is another great way to keep things in order and within easy reach.  

Multi-functional pieces, such as an armoire, can be helpful for getting organized. Use the large upper shelf for a computer or printer and store supplies, tools, and files in the lower drawers. Look around the house to see what you already have, such as mason jars, to store pens, pencils, and other items. You never know what you have that can be repurposed.  

Allow for enough space for you, your equipment, and the supplies you will need to have access to. While staying organized is important, nothing can make up for feeling cramped. One way to add space to an existing small room is to add floating shelves (which start at around $18 at retailers such as Target) up the wall or hanging an organizational metal frame or corkboard that will keep items needed on a daily basis nearby.  

Move Beyond Your Current Home 

Should you know that in the future you will need more space than your current home can afford, take some time to research home prices in desirable areas; for example, the average price for homes in Scottsdale is $520,000. A new home may become an investment in your business that will allow you to have enough space for both your day-to-day living as well as your home office. Consider foreclosed or bank-owned homes too as these will allow you to save on your investment, which means more money available for your business.  

Whatever options and choices work best for you and your home office, remember that this is your perfect home workspace designed for no one but you. It is meant to be a place that helps you function and be more productive as well as a place you look forward to spending time every day. So enjoy the elements of design you incorporate, but don’t forget to keep your budget and functionality in mind throughout the process.  

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