Getting Beyond – Why Do I Need A Website?

How can CyFocus solutions can Increase my Revenue, Decrease my expenses and still provide a high level of customer service?

CyFocus Web solutions are packed with tools and features that will make your business increase revenue, decrease expenses, and provide their customers with a higher level of service and support. Here are some examples of how your prospect will benefit from having a Web site.

Increase Revenue:

  • CyFocus can help open up a virtual storefront that creates an additional sales channel
  • CyFocus will enable your business sell products online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Introduce new products to the market faster
  • Compete with big corporations based on service, price, and quality
  • Capture the impulse buyer
  • Accept credit card orders online in real time
  • Optimize existing advertising (add a .com to ads directing customers to your dynamic, informative Web site)
  • Expose your business to new markets you may not otherwise reach
  • Establish credibility with potential customers

Decrease Expenses:

  • Create an additional, inexpensive form of advertising that costs less than mail outs, phone book ads, etc.
  • Automate the sales process
  • Eliminate costs typically associated with expanding sales – employees, rent, utilities, insurance etc.
  • Display your entire inventory without increasing warehousing costs
  • Drop ship products to reduce inventory levels
  • Reduce dependency/money spent on traditional advertising media
  • Update documents and manuals online in one centralized location
  • Replace mass mail marketing campaigns with bulk e-mail
  • Make your online marketing efforts highly targeted and efficient using the Contact Manger and Statistical tracking tools

Improve Customer Service:

  • Provide fast, personalized service to customers
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions 24 hours a day
  • Offer special packages or deals through your Web site
  • Display testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Send customers exclusive online coupons or discounts
  • Allow customers to set appointments online
  • Facilitate pro-active communication between you and your customers
  • Respond to customers’ changing demands faster
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