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Automation will reduce net U.S. employment by 9.8 million by 2027

Automation will reduce net U.S. employment by 9.8 million by 2027

Robots, AI, and Automation will reduce net U.S. employment by 9.8 million by 2027

Forrester laid out its latest forecast of how automation will affect employment. In this research, I predict several outcomes:

  • 14.9 million new jobs will be created. This is an aspect that is often overlooked: Automation will spur the growth of many new jobs, including some entirely new job categories. Demand for software developers will grow in concert with every type of automation technology, branching into new areas like robotics. Automation will also spur new opportunities for creative employment. One company, which just deployed a conversational chatbot, plans to hire a fiction writer. Why? To create an authentic, respectful engagement using appropriate “voice” and style.
  • 24.7 million jobs will be lost by 2027. This equates to a job loss of 17% between 2017 and 2027. Physical robotics will place increasing pressure on jobs like manufacturing, which have already faced significant hollowing-out in the U.S. Other production jobs – such as inspectors, testers, sorters, warehouse pickers, and packaging and filing machine operators — will decline, too. But white collar jobs are far from immune: Sales roles will take a hit from increasingly automated self-service, and office and administrative support jobs will suffer due to software automating tasks, from meeting scheduling to clerical work.
  • Net jobs lost to automation will reach 9.8 million. Taken together with the jobs-lost number, Forrester’s analysis yields a 7% of jobs lost in the U.S. economy by 2027. Some of these jobs will be replaced by new jobs outside of the automation economy, some will be reflected in the unemployment rate, and others will drop out of the labor force; the labor participation rate declined from 66.4% in January 2007 to 62.9% in January 2017.
  •  Automation will transform most jobs. The largest effect of automation will be job transformation, where humans will soon find themselves working side by side with robots. Budget directors working in the 1970s literally spent much of their time calculating budgets – by hand – with a pencil and a calculator. Today, budget directors focus their working hours on strategic and compliance tasks. Similarly, the jobs we do today will be aided by artificial intelligence and physical robots that take tasks off our plates, allowing us to focus on higher-order activities.


Introducing CyFOCUS Website Builder

Introducing CyFOCUS Website Builder

Introducing CyFOCUS Website Builder

With CyFOCUS, anyone can create a professional website in no time flat. In fact, thousands of our users have published their sites in less than an hour. And not only does CyFOCUS help you build a website that looks fantastic, but it also helps you engage with new people via Google, Facebook and other social networks.

CyFOCUS is for small business owners, dreamers and schemers who want to connect online with people who will benefit from their products, services and ideas.

If your new website is published in an empty digital forest, will anyone, er, notice its arrival? Probably not.

You need to be intentional about bringing traffic to your new website. If “search engine optimization” sounds like a foreign language, you’ll want to introduce your idea to the internet with an all-inclusive website builder that goes beyond attractive templates.

Other website-building tools can help you create a nice-looking site, but CyFOCUS is kicking things up a notch.
CyFOCUS is a website builder with fully integrated marketing and eCommerce tools.

So as your business or idea grows, CyFOCUS grows with you. Start with a simple site now and add new capabilities — like email marketing or an online store — when you’re ready.

As a CyFOCUS user, you’ll always have the tools you need to thrive online and IRL (that’s apparently how the kids write “in real life” these days).

Build a professional website in less than an hour — no technical skills required

At CyFOCUS, our vision is to radically shift the global economy toward life-fulfilling independent ventures. So whether you run a small business or have an exciting new idea to share with the world, we get you. You’re big on energy but short on time. CyFOCUS is specifically designed for people just like you.
Designs tailored to your idea or industry

Designs tailored to your idea or industry: DesignTell us the name of your site and the nature of your idea or business, and we’ll suggest relevant site features, content and images. Then make it your own by customizing the site features and adding your own photos and content.
Thousands of professional images

Cyfocus website builder

Cyfocus website builder

Thousands of professional images: With a free library of professional photography, your website will always reflect your expertise and passion. Have your own photos? You can upload those, too — even from your phone.

Swipe-to-style editing

With the CyFOCUS Website Builder editor, you can change the layout of your site with a single swipe, allowing you to experiment with a variety of intuitive website designs.

We call it swipe-to-style; you might call it magic.

And if you prefer to drag and drop individual sections to customize your design, you have the creative license to do so.
Mix-and-match sections

Customize each of your website’s pages by mixing and matching content sections to suit your needs. Your design is guaranteed to look good no matter which sections you choose. And as your needs change, you can always add new features. When you’re ready to add an email signup form, a calendar of events, or a video, it’s easy to update your CyFOCUS site.
CyFOCUS About PageFoolproof colors and fonts

Create a professional website — no design skills required. Our design professionals have selected styles, colors and fonts that coordinate beautifully, so you’ll look good no matter which you choose.

Domain flexibility
CyFOCUS Fonts ColorsDomain flexibility

Release your new website into the world with a memorable web address that reflects your brand or personality (e.g., Not ready? Publish with your own subdomain on (e.g., now and add a custom domain later.
Publish website updates to Google, Facebook, email & more

“Marketing” may not be your middle name, but if you’re going to invest in a website, you need to put some marketing power behind it. With CyFOCUS, you get baked-in marketing features that help you show up in search results, connect with people on social media and drive repeat traffic. When you make changes your website, CyFOCUS saves you time by automatically updating your online marketing presence for you.

Google rankings

Help more people find you when they search online. CyFOCUS automatically optimizes your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Your site’s search engine rankings can have a huge effect on your business.

CyFOCUS SEO Facebook page

With more than one billion daily active Facebook users worldwide, having a well-maintained business Facebook page is critical to building your online presence. CyFOCUS makes it easy to update an existing Facebook page or create a new one with the information and photos on your website.

CyFOCUS Local listings

Drive more foot traffic by ensuring that your business information is accurate in local listings. List your business name, address and phone number, and hours on more than a dozen local online directories such as BizPR, SmallBizPages, SmallBizAds, BizEvents, Yelp, Bing Local, Foursquare, Citysearch and Yellow Pages.

cyfocus marketing

cyfocus marketing

CyFOCUS Email marketing

Start building an email list by adding a Subscribe Now section to your website. Then use our built-in email marketing tool to send email campaigns that drive repeat traffic and help you build a following.
CyFOCUS automatically creates eye-catching emails designed to match your website.

cyfocus email marketing

cyfocus email marketing

You can manage multiple email lists, track campaign results, and more.
CyFOCUS Email Marketing Update your site anytime from your phone, tablet and computer

Keep your website up to date from the bus, the coffee shop, or your sofa. With our mobile editor, you can update your website anytime, anywhere. Customize your site design, upload new photos, and change content from your phone or tablet — no app required.

Sell online with a mobile shopping cart and fast checkout

Whether you’re ready to start selling online now or think you might want to later, it’s easy to build a mobile-friendly online store using CyFOCUS. Your online store will offer a seamless shopping and checkout experience — even on a mobile phone — making it super simple for potential customers to say “yes” to whatever you’re trying to sell.
CyFOCUS Ecommerce Built to grow

cyfocus ecommerce

cyfocus ecommerce

With CyFOCUS Online Store, you get everything you need to sell online. List as many products as you like, including up to 10 images per product.

Buying made easy

Accept your customers’ preferred payment methods, including all major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Just 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.
Shipping your way

Use our default shipping methods or customize your settings. You can offer everything from free shipping to real-time, carrier-calculated shipping costs.
Designed to maximize sales

All too often, online shopping carts get abandoned. Use automated reminder emails to encourage customers to complete their purchases when they’ve left items in their cart.

Automatically look great on phones and tablets

CyFOCUS CyFOCUS Mobile FriendlyIf your site is mobile-friendly, customers are 67-percent more likely to buy.
Sites built with CyFOCUS CyFOCUS are automatically optimized to look great on any device.

mobile friendly responsive design
Before publishing your site, use our side-by-side previews to see exactly what your customers will see on their mobile devices or laptops.
Get help 24/7 via phone, chat, or email

Our award-winning customer support representatives are always ready to help you bring your idea online. If inspiration strikes at 2 a.m., we’re here. Call or connect with us online anytime.
Who’s using CyFOCUS?

We’ve seen CyFOCUS sites built for small businesses and personal passion projects alike. Professional websites for wine brokers, fitness studios, trucking companies, real estate agents and HVAC companies. Fun and engaging sites for community choirs, clubs and ‘80s cover bands.

   CyFOCUS is designed for small business owners and anyone who has a great idea to share with the world.

Whether you bake cakes, mow lawns, or sell scarves, we have the perfect solution for you. It’s easy to share your brand with the world using CyFOCUS’s website-building, marketing and eCommerce tools. Start a site today for free. We’d love to hear what you think.


10 Most Common Security Attacks that Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

10 Most Common Security Attacks that Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

Before, blogging was just like a simple diary or chronicle used for personal communication. But in time, technology has evolved and so has the blogosphere. Many big companies and businesses create blogs to make their website a profitable marketing resource. Their products or services are easily seen by hundreds of online users who are entering their inquiries on the search engine.

If you own a business blog, it is very crucial for you to understand that if technology can help bring success to your blog, it can also become a tool for other people and malicious software to harm or damage your digital home. No one is invulnerable to security attacks, so you really have to take necessary precautions and secure your blog to avoid regrets in the end.

Aside from trademarking your blog and putting Terms and Privacy Policy agreements, it is a good to assess the steps you need to take to lessen the risk of being attacked by these security threats. If you are prepared and knowledgeable of the common security attacks that could kill your business blog, the more you can make your business successful.

As your business grows, you also build important properties that require protection. Even your Facebook or Twitter accounts connected to your blog are priceless assets. To help you acquire ideas on what are the common threats you need to avoid, we created an infographic that contains

Server upgrades for CyFocus and Diverse Media Networks

Server upgrades for CyFocus and Diverse Media Networks

I had upgraded the server that contains CyFocus and Diverse Media Group of websites.  The performance increased by 70% from last year!   The Servers are now located in Canada with access to major fiber optic.

The hardware upgrade consists of 8 cpu, 32 gig of ram,  2TB of space, and 500 mbps of bandwidth.

The software upgrade consists of latest web technology.   The OS has been upgraded to Centos 7, Nginx/Apache, PHP 7, Maria DB 5.x.

The sites also utilize SSL encryption technology and anti-DDOs for added security.

cyfocus server

Top 50 U.S. Digital Media Properties for February 2016

Top 50 U.S. Digital Media Properties for February 2016

Top 50 U.S. Digital Media Properties for February 2016


comScore Top 50 Multi-Platform Properties (Desktop and Mobile)
 February 2016
Total U.S. – Home and Work Locations
 Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform
Rank Property Unique Visitors/Viewers


  Rank Property Unique Visitors/Viewers


Total Internet : Total Audience  258,974    
1 Google Sites 243,601 26 SheKnows Media 81,018
2 Facebook 206,480 27 80,526
3 Yahoo Sites 204,421 28* 79,285
4 Microsoft Sites 201,306 29 New York Times Digital 76,980
5 Amazon Sites 171,828 30 ESPN 75,625
6 AOL, Inc. 166,258 31 Zillow Group 74,858
7 Comcast NBCUniversal 152,426 32 73,361
8 CBS Interactive 148,167 33 WebMD Health 72,520
9 Apple Inc. 141,569 34 Adobe Sites 72,425
10 Mode Media 137,043 35 Meredith Digital 70,728
11 Turner Digital 126,352 36 Sites 68,714
12 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 119,749 37 TripAdvisor Inc. 66,759
13 Linkedin 119,192 38 Mail Online / Daily Mail 66,705
14 Twitter 117,545 39 Netflix Inc. 66,381
15 Weather Company, The 114,912 40 About 66,253
16 Time Inc. Network (U.S) 109,740 41 Cox Enterprises Inc. 65,813
17 Hearst 100,853 42 Vimeo 63,595
18 USA TODAY Network 100,366 43 Vox Media 62,542
19 eBay 96,214 44 Intuit 61,690
20 Yelp 87,963 45 Tribune Media 61,128
21 Wal-Mart 87,873 46 craigslist, inc. 60,931
22 86,649 47 Groupon 59,776
23 84,896 48 Viacom Digital 58,923
24 PayPal 83,321 49 Fox News Digital Network 58,677
25 Conde Nast Digital 81,846 50 Tribune Publishing 57,067


What is the correct answer?

What is the correct answer?

What is the correct answer?


The following mathematical equation has made its rounds on the internet, and a lot of people have debated the correct answer. The equation goes as follows: 6 – 1 x 0 + 2 ÷ 2 = ? What is the correct answer to this algebraic problem? Two of the most common answers are seven and one. Can you solve it? New Website Launch Announcement New Website Launch Announcement New Website Launch Announcement launched a new designed website.  The site homepage incorporate modern design trends such as Responsive design, Flat design, Material Design principles, Rich Animations, Parallax scrolling, the use of Galleries & Slide shows, and minimalist approached to logo, easily menu navigation, and modern typography. responsive designed automatically hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen such as desktops, tablets, and phones.

“Hamburger Menu” automatically shows when site is viewed to a smaller screen

hamburger menu

Easy Navigation Menus

easy navigation menus

Galleries, Animations, and Slide shows


CyFocus Videos

cyfocus videos

Socially integrate such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+

cyfocus social

cyfocus website

To view the complete features and functionality, please visit



SmallBizAds added Event Listings and Event Calendar

SmallBizAds added Event Listings and Event Calendar
You can now add Event and View the Events happening Locally, Nationwide, or Globally

Please visit to view and add your events – Canadian Classified Ads – American Classified Ads – British Classified Ads

SmallBizPages added Event Listings and Event Calendar

You can now add Event and View the Events happening Locally, Nationwide, or Globally

Please visit to view and add your events – Canadian Small Business Directory – American Small Business Directory – British Small Business Directory